Back on track and better than ever!

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Back on track and better than ever!

January 2015 came after a tremendously busy 6 months. I’d been so busy designing and delivering catalogues, infographics, presentations, brochures and entire creative concepts one after the other that I hadn’t looked up! I was happily exhausted by Christmas and in need of a break… Or was I?

January came and I had a few jobs in but was suddenly faced with the fact that I had lost my way. I hadn’t spent anytime thinking about where I was taking my business let alone done any marketing. I felt muddled, confused and almost like I needed to start again.

What to do? What to do?

I started to plan and plan and plan… I planned so much I almost did nothing else for a week. Again, I realised I was muddled and in need of some clarity. It was at this point I remembered seeing a Facebook post for a planning/coaching workshop and I knew it was just what I needed. I found the post, phoned up and booked on immediately.

Fully focused and future proof

I won’t go into the details about the subjects covered or processes used in the ½ day session, but what I would say is that I came out with some great tools. A plan of action for the next year, techniques on setting goals for the future and some great advice and new skills that would help me deal with areas that I had found personally challenging.

What next?

Well I know what I’m doing next, I’m putting into practise the new techniques and tools I’ve been given. I’ve got some clear goals and targets to achieve this coming year and I’m going to look into getting some coaching on a more frequent basis.

When you run your own small business you can sometimes feel alone and that you don’t know where you are heading. Chances are that you do know, you may like me just need a bit of help or support gaining focus.

There are many fantastic coaches out and you will need to find the right one for you. I worked with Emma Ryan. If you are interested in the program I did, you can find out more on Emma’s website:

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