How much should a logo design cost?

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These days you can spend as little or as much as you like on designing a logo. So, to understand how much it should cost, you need to consider the value a well designed logo can deliver to your business in terms of competitive advantage. That said, starting a business can be very expensive, so how do you find a designer who can create the right logo for a reasonable price?

Firstly, why do we need a logo? Well fairly simply put, in addition to having a business name, we need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and become instantly recognizable to our customers.

That’s exactly what a logo should do.

In order to achieve a logo that attracts customers and differentiates your service offering, the design process should include considerations of the following factors:

•          Type of business and marketplace it operates in

•          The culture of the business and values that need to be conveyed

•          The customer profile

These are all factors that you will have considered for your business plan and are likely to be automatic in your daily operation. It is essential that you share them with your designer to enable them to develop a meaningful graphical representation.

Any good designer will spend time understanding your business before embarking upon the creative process. When they do, I would expect they would come back with at least 3 concepts. Concepts are initial ideas, intended for  pulling apart and much constructive feedback. A good designer will want to know what you don’t like as much as what you do like, to guide the design process towards achievement of a logo that is an attractive, effective, memorable, timeless and a unique reflection of your business.

Good designers will be able to advise you of their logo pricing structure and give you a description of the process and timescales they generally use, so you know exactly what to expect.

When I design a logo, I supply my clients with an additional brand guideline document. This document is the rulebook for placement, printing/web representation of the logo and can really help businesses to control, maintain and strengthen the identity of their brand image.

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