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Your brand identity is responsible for communicating the very essence of your business and service offering, it should represent your professionalism, culture and values through it’s application on all customer facing materials.

The process

When embarking on a logo design and branding project, I work with clients to understand their business objectives, values,  customers, competitors, and channels to market. I combine this with my own trend and design research to produce some initial concepts.

The initial design concepts are stepping stones towards the final design and I encourage my clients to communicate all of their opinions about each option to facilitate development of the design.

As a professional I fully document all brainstorm/critique notes and action points, so at all times my client feel comfortable with progression of the design process. 

Alongside the final brand logo along and application of the logo to any corporate materials requested as part of the estimate (such as business card, letterhead, etc) I also provide my clients with fully documented guidelines on how the logo should be applied to all their business communications. These guidelines make it easy for clients to control their identity and ensure complete consistency, which in turn will strengthen the brand making it more memorable within the market place.


I work offer the following branding services:

New Business or Brand Identity

Starting your business from scratch or adding a new arm to your business/product range. This service takes into account all the materials that need to be considered, whether it’s a business card or product packaging. Brand guidelines will be developed as part of the package.

Brand refresh

For an existing brand identity that would benefit from a little modernization, along with new brand guidelines to support the updated look.

Brand Guideline Development

A brand guideline document is one of the best ways of ensuring brand consistency. As a Marketing professional, whenever I needed my brand to appear in a magazine, on sponsorship materials or if the HR department needed to tag the logo onto a handbook, I just emailed the guidelines along with the brand components. It saved me time, it gave me a reference point to check against and generally helped to educate everyone as to the importance of maintaining a consistent brands image both internally and externally. I can provide simple logo placement and font instructions guidelines through to more in depth instruction guideline booklets for your existing brand and help you gain greater control.

To discuss any logo or brand identity needs you may have or to get a free quotation To discuss your website needs and get a free quotation, just call  me on 07703 108289 or email lydia@lydiabutlerdesign.co.uk .