Prospectus Design


A Prospectus need to attract, inspire, deliver huge quantities of information to the target customer and persuade them to select your institution. That’s a tall order for one piece, but it can be done!


As with any design project, it is important to pinpoint the target customer or student in this case, understand their needs and behaviors and identify competitor training/educational institutions. This information is key to producing a document that attracts the right audience and converts that into enrolment!


From 10 pages to 200+, I can design a prospectus to suit your budget and specifications. I can also advise/manage the following areas:



• Product photography

• Sourcing of inspirational imagery

• Sourcing of Copywriters

• Printers and Finishers

• Online publication


To discuss your prospectus project or to get a free quotation, just call me on 07703 108289 or email