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Seasonal Colour Trends – Spring Summer 2015

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I love March… I would go as far as saying it’s the start of my year, January and February are the preparation months, the dress rehearsal, but March is the real thing. Blue skies and glimpses of bright sunshine (despite the coolness) are great sources of inspiration and spark creativity, experimentation and openness to trying new things.

To celebrate the start of this wonderful season I have pulled together the Spring/Summer 2015 Colour Trends (by Pantone) in this image. You can see them all at a glance here.

Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2015

Using seasonal or trend colours as part of your visual marketing communications can work well to give a fresh appeal. But if you are a brand that deals in fashion, product sales etc, then you can use seasonal/trend colours to let your customers know that you are contemporary, forward thinking and in-touch with the trends .


If you want to now more about how these colours are utilised in clothing through to homeward then click this link

Graphic Design and Shopping

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This post is a bit self-indulgent, but I think it’s worth a few words simply because it is about two of my favourite things… Graphic Design and Shopping!

Last weekend I hit the shops in Reading with a friend and I have to say it was like walking through a gardens. The shops were absolutely full of beautiful flowery prints and pastel brights, you could almost smell the perfume in the air. These items however, were not for sale, they were in fact the graphics that sat in the window displays alongside garments, accessories (otherwise know as Point Of Sale graphics).

My particular favourite was the of Oasis store, decorated with flowers and pretty bird boxes, I was compelled to walk into the store and found myself just wanting to buy something, anything! That wasn’t difficult, they have some beautiful things in there. My point though is that whilst Fashion Design is ultimately the product in this instance, don’t underestimate the power of a well executed and beautiful graphic design and marketing campaign, where the graphic design is so well positioned to the target customer that it literally picks the customer off the street and delivers them to the till, garments in hand!

I have worked in retail as a graphic designer and marketing professional, therefore I know it’s a high pressured environment where pulling stunning and practical creative design work out of the bag is relentless and the campaigns happen so fast you don’t often get a chance to appreciate the final result.

Well, I say congratulations to all the ‘high street retailer’  graphic designers out there for turning our shopping centres into urban gardens. You made me smile, oh and spend some money:) oops!




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